Podemos’ Desperate Cry: From 69 to 5 Seats in 8 Years


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Ione Belarra, a member of Podemos, recently spoke to the media after announcing that five Podemos deputies are leaving Sumar. This is a significant change for the party, which has seen a sharp decline in its number of seats and votes over the past eight years. The departure of key leaders and the party’s poor performance in recent regional elections have raised concerns about its future.

The internal politics at the territorial level have been a major factor in the party’s decline. The leadership has been accused of adopting an “us or them” dynamic, leading to a wave of resignations and internal conflicts. The party’s lack of cadres and the dismantling of its territorial presence have further weakened its position.

With the party in disarray and its electoral power diminished, Podemos saw Sumar as a lifeline to rebuild itself over the next four years. However, the recent breakup with Sumar has left the party in a difficult position. The government is also facing challenges, as it cannot afford to align itself with the opposition parties without risking further damage to its reputation.

In an effort to regain visibility and support, Podemos has launched a new media project called Canal Red. However, this initiative has been criticized for creating a “bubble” of loyal supporters and failing to reach a broader audience. The party’s commitment to this strategy reflects its struggle to maintain relevance in the political landscape.

Despite the recent setbacks, Podemos remains determined to assert itself as a key political actor. The party’s leadership is focused on setting its own narrative and profile for the upcoming European elections, where it hopes to secure at least one or two parliamentarians. However, critics argue that the party’s refusal to join Sumar and its lack of self-criticism have hindered its ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

As Podemos continues to grapple with internal and external challenges, the party’s future remains uncertain. Its entrenched leadership and reluctance to acknowledge its mistakes have raised doubts about its ability to survive in the long run. The party’s decision to break ties with Sumar has further complicated its prospects, leaving it in a precarious position as it seeks to redefine its role in the political arena.

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