Podemos denounces PP’s “dismantling” of healthcare with “2,000 million cut in primary”


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Isabel Faraldo, the candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta from Podemos Galicia, has spoken out against the Popular Party’s actions, claiming that they have caused significant harm to the Galician public health system. According to Faraldo, the Popular Party has cut 2,000 million euros from primary care, leading to a dismantling of the healthcare system.

As a healthcare professional, Faraldo believes that it is crucial to protect and defend healthcare as it is a vital public service. She expressed her concerns about the impact of the cuts on the healthcare system, citing the closure of 31 offices in Galicia and a shortage of personnel in hospitals. She also referred to a report from the Patient Ombudsman, which labeled Galician healthcare as the most “saturated” in Spain.

Javier Sánchez Serna, a Podemos state deputy, also participated in the demonstration and praised Faraldo’s dedication to public health. He emphasized the need to reinvest the 2,000 million euros that were cut from primary care and to address the long waiting lists that have been costing lives. Serna also stressed the importance of investing more in mental health, making it accessible to everyone.

Faraldo’s extensive experience as an employee of the Galician Health Service and her involvement in the healthcare sector as a union member have given her a deep understanding of the challenges facing the public health system. She has been a vocal advocate for public health for many years and is committed to protecting and improving the healthcare services in Galicia.

The demonstration organized by SOS Sanidade Pública in Santiago de Compostela has brought attention to the urgent need to address the issues facing the Galician public health system. Faraldo and Serna’s participation in the march highlights their dedication to advocating for better healthcare services for the people of Galicia.

In conclusion, the concerns raised by Faraldo and Serna reflect the pressing need to address the challenges facing the Galician public health system. Their commitment to protecting and improving healthcare services is crucial in ensuring that the people of Galicia have access to quality and accessible healthcare. It is essential for the government to prioritize and invest in public health to address the issues highlighted by Faraldo and Serna.

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