Plex’s Worst Moment on World Trip: Vomiting and Shitting


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Pablo Motos interviewed Daniel Alonso, also known as Plex, the number 1 YouTube content creator in Spain. With over 26 million followers, Plex has recently completed his second trip around the world. He revealed that he hasn’t watched TV since he moved out at 17, except for the occasional football game or his own program. He started by uploading Fortnite videos and now travels the world with his friends, documenting their adventures.

Plex has visited around 20 countries on his second trip, with China being the most surprising. He was treated like a celebrity there, as Westerners are a novelty. Plex traveled with three friends, including his video editor, cameraman, and a neighbor who joined them on a whim.

When asked for advice for aspiring content creators, Plex encouraged them to pursue their dreams and not be discouraged by the challenges. He believes that anyone can achieve success with hard work and determination. He started with Fortnite tutorials, then transitioned to making videos with his sister and friends during the pandemic, followed by recording pranks and now traveling.

Plex attributes his success to the authenticity of his videos and the naturalness of his content. He admitted to feeling a sense of responsibility to upload content regularly, but doesn’t consider it an obsession. He shared some humorous anecdotes from his travels, including the challenges of finding clean underwear and getting sick in some countries.

Plex also discussed his experiences in different countries and the challenges he faced, including getting sick in Tanzania and India. He concluded by participating in a vision test and receiving a cash prize. Overall, the interview provided insight into Plex’s journey as a content creator and his adventures around the world.

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