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In 2024, Ubisoft has announced the launch of two new subscription services: Ubisoft+ Premium and Ubisoft+ Classics on PC. The first, previously known as PC Access and Multi-Access, is similar to Game Pass, offering access to new releases from day one. The second focuses on the most popular titles from the company.

Philippe Tremblay, director of subscriptions at Ubisoft, emphasized the company’s commitment to digital formats and subscriptions. He stated that players are becoming more accustomed to renting games rather than owning them, and that services like Ubisoft+ Premium help centralize game libraries and provide access to favorite titles without the need for physical discs.

Ubisoft has been advocating for the digital format over physical for many years, so the introduction of a Game Pass-style subscription service aligns with their long-term strategy. The Premium access also includes add-ons such as DLCs or Season Pass for most releases, allowing players to follow the trajectory of a game without having to worry about purchasing expansions separately.

Additionally, it has been announced that Activision Blizzard games will eventually be available on the service, further expanding the range of titles offered. One of the recommended games to try on the new service is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, which has received positive reviews for its modern metroidvania style gameplay.

Overall, Ubisoft’s move to introduce new subscription services reflects the changing landscape of the gaming industry, with a focus on digital access and ongoing game support. Players now have the option to access a wide range of titles without the need for individual purchases, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for gaming enthusiasts.

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