Pin Important Messages in WhatsApp Chats Now Possible

Pin Important Messages in WhatsApp Chats Now Possible

WhatsApp rolls out new Feature to Pin Important Messages

Social messaging giant WhatsApp, has recently announced the release of a new feature – ‘Pin Messages’. This feature will allow users to pin important messages at the top of their conversations. This feature is similar to the ‘Pin Threads’ feature on Twitter.

By using this feature, user can pin up to three unique messages at the top of their chats. This feature is available for both individuals and group chats, however group chats will have the limit of being able to pin up to three important messages from other group members at once.

The pinned messages will remain at the top of the chat window until the user unpins them. It remains to be seen how people make use of this feature and the added convenience it will provide to users.

The company also stated that this feature will slowly rollout for their users, for both iOS and Android. It is expected to be available for all users in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is always looking to provide the most convenient services to its huge user base while keeping them secure at the same time. Thus with the rollout of its new Pin Messages feature, the company is indeed proving its commitment towards its customers.

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