Photographer and TV Crew Assaulted in Violent Protests in Lima

Violent protests in Lima, Peru resulting in death of multiple people and injuring a journalist

On January 25th, 2023, TV Peru news team were attacked by protesters during demonstrations demanding for the resignation of the President of Peru, Dina Boluarte. One of the crew members, Ernesto Benavides, was injured when a police officer fired pellets at him and impacting his right leg in the process.

Local media reported that police were seen firing pellets, tear gas and protesters were throwing stones, bricks and other projectiles. Moreover, the TV Peru team also announced being attacked by a group of protesters by throwing objects, bottles and water at them to try and damage the transmission equipment.

The demonstrations have resulted in the death of 60 people due to clashes with the forces of order, 9 deaths related to the strikes, 4 Haitians unable to receive medical assistance due to roadblocks, and 1 unborn baby due its mother being delayed to the hospital.

The president has not responded to the demands of the demonstrators, which included calling general elections and a constituent assembly, and resignation of the president and closure of Congress.

Given the magnitude of the violent events, an investigation into the causes and responsibility of the involved parties is expected.

EFE dub/gdl/szg

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