Peyton List Transforms Physically for Upcoming Series Away from ‘Cobra Kai’

Actress, Peyton List has wowed the fans of Cobra Kai once more, with her transformation to a new role in Paramount+ series School Spirits. Joining Kiefer Sutherland, the 80s and 90s Karate Kid reboot revolves around two of the original characters, Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio and Johnny Lawrence, portrayed by William Zabka.

Peyton’s character Tory Nichols, an angst-filled teen was initially despised, yet viewers and characters were able to empathize due to the tragic events that shaped her. Karate became her therapy, helping her fight internally, as well as facing external threats.

Recently, Paramount+ unveiled Peyton’s new character Madison Nears for School Spirits, and teased a mysterious death attached to her. In the teaser, Madison is seen in Split River High Afterlife Support Group, with a student enquiring ‘how did you die?’. This prompts the lead to realize she’s left her phone on campus, could this be a clue to the tragedy?

For her standout project, Peyton has ditched her long hair for a new, off-the-shoulder chop, making her look nothing like Tory Nichols. School Spirits will hit Paramount+ on 9th of March.

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