Petro takes blame for Pan American Games loss, criticizes Panam Sports


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President Gustavo Petro has accepted responsibility for the failure to comply with the Pan American Games, as has his predecessor, Iván Duque. The decision to withdraw the venue for the 2027 Pan American Games was made by Panam Sports on January 3 and confirmed on February 1. Many have blamed the government for this failure, but President Petro also pointed out the international organization for not fulfilling an alleged agreement to pay coverage rights to the State.

Previously, President Petro had blamed his predecessor, Iván Duque, for not paying the first installments agreed with Panam Sports between 2021 and 2022. However, Duque responded by stating that his administration had successfully held the Pan American Games and that the current government was solely responsible for the failure to comply.

President Petro later acknowledged that both his administration and that of Iván Duque were responsible for the loss of the Pan American Games. He also placed blame on Panam Sports for unilaterally breaking the commitment with Barranquilla after receiving millions of dollars from the city’s treasury. The international organization withdrew its headquarters because the country did not pay the first installment of four million dollars by the agreed-upon deadline of December 30.

Víctor Muñoz, former secretary of the Administrative Department of the Presidency in the Government of Iván Duque, admitted that the organizing committee should have been formed prior to the change in mandate in 2022. He also stated that the eight million dollars agreed upon for that year were not paid. Muñoz explained that while clear schedules were not left regarding the Pan American contract, the current Government’s management was also lacking.

In conclusion, the failure to comply with the Pan American Games can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the actions of both the current and previous administrations, as well as the international organization’s decision to unilaterally break the commitment with Barranquilla. It is clear that all parties involved share some responsibility for this unfortunate outcome.

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