Peso Pluma’s Reaction to Winning First GRAMMY for Best Mexican Music Album


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Peso Pluma, a rising star in the world of corridos, recently reacted to his first GRAMMY win. Although he didn’t attend the ceremony, he expressed his gratitude on social media, thanking his fans for their support and expressing his excitement at fulfilling a dream not just for himself, but for his entire team. He also expressed pride in representing his country and joining the ranks of great Mexican artists who have won a GRAMMY.

At the awards ceremony, most of the awards were given in the Latin music categories. Peso Pluma walked the red carpet with his girlfriend Nicki Nicole and expressed his excitement at his win. He also announced that there is more music to come from him in the future.

In the Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album category, there was a tie between Natalia Lafourcade and Juanes. Both artists expressed their gratitude for the recognition, with Lafourcade emphasizing the healing power of music and Juanes dedicating his award to his family.

Gaby Moreno, a Guatemalan singer-songwriter and guitarist, won in the Best Latin Pop Album category with ‘X Mí (Vol. 1)’. She thanked her mother and sister for their support and dedicated the award to her people in Guatemala.

In addition to the award winners, there has been speculation about Peso Pluma’s lineage, with some suggesting that he is the son of Valentín Elizalde. The singer’s mother has addressed this theory, providing insight into Peso Pluma’s background and family history.

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