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Peruvian National Team Shows Progress on Second Day of Training Ahead of Germany Duel in Football

Peruvian national football team coach Juan Reynoso emphasizes the significance of two upcoming matches against Germany and Morocco as the road to the 2026 World Cup begins in September. In preparation for these examinations, Reynoso aimed to have all his players in good shape, but there were concerns when Gianluca Lapadula did not train due to an ankle injury. However, Reynoso remains optimistic that Lapadula will recover in time. The team trained at the Ciudad tiva of Real Madrid, where they received a visit from Santiago Solari, the director of the sports city. The Peruvian team will train in Germany before the match against the national team, which will take place in Mainz. Tickets for the match have already been sold out, with many expecting a great event.

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