Peruvian in Colombian ICU for 15+ days, owes 170+ million, family seeks aid


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Gloria Karina Velásquez Mamani, a 27-year-old Peruvian, arrived in Bogotá, Colombia on January 2nd from Spain, where she had been feeling unwell. She fainted during the flight and was taken to a medical center due to bacterial cellulitis on her face. She has been hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the National University Hospital of Colombia since then, where she is recovering from the illness. However, her hospital bill has already exceeded 170 million Colombian pesos and is expected to increase.

Her boyfriend, Jhon Vargas, revealed that Karina had been experiencing symptoms of the illness since her time in Europe, but they did not think it was serious. The cellulitis appeared near her eye, causing a cerebral infarction that affected several organs. Her hospital bill is expected to increase, as they do not know how long she will need to remain hospitalized.

Vargas has asked for help from the Peruvian and Colombian communities to cover Karina’s medical expenses. He also tried to seek assistance from the embassy in Bogotá, but received a negative response. Those interested in helping can contact +51 962 013 319.

The family is struggling to cover the medical expenses, as they do not have the funds to pay the hospital bill. They are facing a difficult situation and are reaching out for support. Karina’s journey to Spain has turned into a nightmare for her and her loved ones, and they are in need of assistance to cover her medical costs.

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