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Peru’s President Renews Cabinet amidst Political Crisis

Peru’s President Renews Cabinet amidst Political Crisis

President of Peru Replaces Cabinet in Response to Anti-Government Protests

This Friday (01.13.2023), The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, changed the ministers of the Interior, Labor and Women after the recent escalation of violence in the anti-government protests. Fifty deaths have been recorded since December, with 21 within the last week alone.

At the Government Palace, Boluarte swore in Vicente Romero Fernández, Luis Alfonso Adrianzen and Nancy Tolentino, to occupy the Interior, Labor and Women’s portfolios, respectively. This was in response to the resignation of the cabinet led by Prime Minister Alberto Otárola.

Romero Fernández was a retired general of the Peru National Police and it is his job to direct the PNP and shape the institutional response to these demonstrations. Adrianzen was Otárola’s office general secretary and was the former Minister of Defense. Tolentino was an executive director of a program in the same ministry in 2012 and had been a consultant in the past.

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These new ministers are in charge of alleviating the needs caused by the continuous demonstrations in Peru. There is hope that the recent cabinet reshuffle will put the protests to a halt and restore peace and order in the near future.

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Elizabeth Taylor
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