Peru’s President denies corruption allegations


Peruvian President Dina Boluarte has denied allegations of corruption against her and accused those making the allegations of political maneuverings. She commented that the accusations are a “dark political maneuver that seeks to stain the constitutional government, democracy and the institutional framework, without evidence”. Boluarte was accused of having received undeclared contributions from businessmen during the presidential campaign in 2021, but she said that she received no such money. Maritza S├ínchez, a teacher close to former President Pedro Castillo, had alleged that businessmen contributed large sums of money to Boluarte’s campaign to gain access to State programs and obtain senior public positions. However, the presidency issued a statement denying these allegations.

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Boluarte commented that “if Mr. Shimabukuro has collaborated or financed party activities, he has done so in a personal manner and without agreeing to any commitment.” Boluarte also criticized the accusations as being “statements without evidence”, designed to stain the reputation of her government. Boluarte had removed both Sanchez and Shimabukuro from her team after discovering that they were not appropriate for her campaign.

Finally, Boluarte stated that she emphatically rejects the allegations and that they are designed to distract and divert attention from the issue facing Shimabukuro before the National Prosecutor’s Office for being part of the “shadow cabinet” that was shared with the now-imprisoned Castillo. Boluarte said that she is confident that the truth will come out in the end and that her government will continue to serve the people of Peru to the best of its ability.

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