Peru Requesting Release of Most Detainees After Campus Eviction

Peruvian National Police releases 192 people detained at UNMSM, while one remains detained

The Peruvian National Police arrested 193 people on Saturday, January 23, 2023 at Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, including protesters and students, who were later taken to different police facilities.

On the same day, the provincial criminal prosecutor has ordered the release of 192 people, leaving one detained for having a (previous) requisition as stated by the Public Ministry in its Twitter account.

The Prosecutor’s Office further mentioned that three people associated to the alleged crime of affiliation to a terrorist organization were released, with one remaining subpoenaed while investigation is underway. One pregnant and one minor who, after a medical examination, was transferred to their relatives, have also been released.

Local media has shown images of relatives and supporters congregating at the police headquarters, Dirincri, to receive the detained who have been held for around 30 hours, since the eviction of the university this Saturday.

The university denounced on Friday attack, robberies to the security force and damage to the cameras of the center by protesters and some students, and has requested the release of the seized doors.

The Ombudsman has asked the Justice to review the habeas corpus presented by the National Human Rights Coordinator and securely determined “conditions of overcrowding” in its visits to the police headquarters.

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