Peru Protest Pressure: Special Commission Investigates Dina Boluarte

Peru protests grow fatal; President Boluarte refuses to resign

Fifty people have died in Peru amidst growing political pressure and demonstrations that have lasted for over five weeks. The country’s prosecutor’s office initiated a genocide investigation against President Dina Boluarte. A total of 530 people, civilians and police officers, were injured in the protests.

However, Boluarte has refused to resign, in spite of mounting pressure.

Peru has been subjected to turmoil due to the protests, which commenced shortly after Boluarte made controversial statements regarding poverty and economic reforms proposed by her government. Over 2,000 people have been arrested since then, leading to a decline in her popularity.

The President has been under scrutiny so much so that she had to disclose her assets, which amounted to 133.6 million soles, or roughly $38 million.

The prosecutor’s office has opened cases on homicides, domestic terrorism and has also requested prior investigation of the president.

However, President Boluarte expressed that she didn’t feel intimidated by the protests and stated, “It is a privilege to serve my country as president in the midst of these difficult circumstances”.

She also declared that resigning “was never part of my plan” and that she will do whatever necessary to protect the people and the democracy of the Peruvian State.

Although the President declared her intention of not resigning, the opposition has presented a motion to the Parliament to remove her from office.

Protests are still ongoing in the country.

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