Person Who Does Not Condemn Putin is Accomplice

Person Who Does Not Condemn Putin is Accomplice

Brazil’s stance on Ukraine situation led by Lula

Brazil has opted to side with peace by not taking any particular side in the Ukraine war. Brazil president Lula presents a veto on ammunition shipment to Ukraine by Germany and other countries as part of the European Union.

Lula also proposed an initiative jointly with China in order to mediate the conflict and achieve peace, which is appreciated and backed by strong economic interests. Brazil is dependent on fertilizers from Russia and Belarus, especially potassium chloride, and the Brazil’s culture of agribusiness was winning it the status of “world’s largest soybean field”.

However, journalist Philipp Lichterbeck suggests that this could be a mistake on the part of Europe, as dealing with Putin and not reacting rigorously could backfire in the long run due to the imperialist and criminal wars waged by Russians in the past few years.

Putin is trying to form a social order by using military, nationalism, and homophobia, which is essentially fascist. He is using hundreds of thousands of Russians from the Asian part as cannon fodder at frontlines and destroying infrastructure, hospitality, power plants, and even entire villages with missiles.

These wars have one aggressor, Putin, and several victims, primarily Russians, Ukrainians and developing countries since they are deprived of grains from the region of war.

What is tragic here is that Brazilian and Latin American left are siding with Putin due to their anti-Americanism, and come in an accomplice of a fascist.
Philipp Lichterbeck, a journalist from Berlin, is a frequent contributor of reports on Brazil and other Latin American countries for newspapers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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