Peñarol announces two additional finals in Uruguayan Championship


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Peñarol defeated Liverpool 0-1 in the semi-final of the Uruguayan Championship with a great goal from Abel Hernández at 119 minutes. This means that the definition of the championship will now be stretched to two more games between the two teams. Peñarol, as the champion of the accumulated Annual Table, had a sporting advantage and only needed a victory in the duel to consecrate themselves. However, Liverpool played better than their rival and managed to hold off Peñarol for most of the game.

The game was played at the historic Centenario stadium, where Peñarol’s coach won the tactical battle by minimizing many of Liverpool’s strengths. The game started with both teams fighting hard and creating very few dangerous plays. Both coaches made changes, but little changed. The only dangerous situation appeared in the 76th minute when Thiago Vecino headed a ball in a great way that made goalkeeper Guillermo de Amores shine.

The game went into extra time with Liverpool facing a numerical disadvantage after the expulsion of Rodrigo Rivero. Peñarol launched an attack from the beginning of extra time and Hernández finally scored the winning goal with a powerful shot that left the Liverpool goalkeeper with no options. Peñarol won 0-1 and completed the mission of bringing the definition of the Uruguayan Championship to two more games.

The technical sheet for the game was as follows:
Liverpool: Sebastian Britos; Federico Pereira, Juan Izquierdo, Mateo Antoni, Miguel Samudio; Gonzalo Nápoli, Pablo Siles, Marcelo Meli; Luciano Rodríguez, Thiago Vecino, Alan Medina. Coach: Jorge Bava.
Peñarol: Guillermo de Amores; Camilo Mayada, Leonardo Coelho, Hernán Menosse, Maximiliano Olivera, Lucas Hernández; Damián García, Ignacio Sosa, Sebastián Rodríguez; Ángel González, Matías Arezo. Coach: Diego Aguirre.

The referee for the game was Mathías de Armas, who sent off Rivero and reprimanded several other players. The game was played at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

In conclusion, Peñarol’s victory over Liverpool in the semi-final of the Uruguayan Championship has set the stage for two more games between the two teams to determine the new Uruguayan champion. Both teams will have another chance to prove themselves and claim the championship title.

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