Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith Criticize Josh in ‘GBBO’ Finale


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The 2023 season of The Great British Baking Show has come to an end, and there are some complicated feelings about the outcome. The show seemed to take a turn for the worse in the final episodes, with judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith playing fast and loose with their own rules. This ultimately led to a controversial win for one of the contestants.

The final decision of the judges seemed to prioritize sentimentality over consistency, and it was clear that they had it out for a certain contestant, Josh Smalley. Despite his strong performances throughout the season, the judges seemed to hold him to a different standard in the final rounds of judging.

Josh Smalley, a 27-year-old rugby enthusiast and research associate, stood out from the beginning of the season with his penchant for perfectionism. However, it took him six weeks to earn his first Star Baker, as the judges wanted to award someone who had been consistently strong throughout all three challenges. This all changed in the finale, where the judges seemed to overlook Josh’s consistent track record.

In the final showdown, Josh, Matty Edgell, and Dan Hunter competed in a series of challenges. Josh excelled in the Signature Challenge and the Showstopper, but the judges seemed to favor Matty, ultimately leading to his win. Despite Josh’s strong performances, the judges found fault with his final cake, while overlooking Matty’s poor performance in the Technical Challenge.

It was clear that the judges were determined to crush Josh’s chances of winning, despite his season-long track record being better than his competitors. The audience and Josh himself deserved better treatment from the judges, and it was disappointing to see the outcome of the finale.

In conclusion, the final episodes of The Great British Baking Show left a lot to be desired, and the judges’ treatment of Josh Smalley was unfair. It’s clear that the outcome of the finale did not reflect the contestants’ performances throughout the season, and it’s a shame that Josh was not awarded the win he deserved.

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