Patricia Benavides’ lawyer: Jaime Villanueva coerced with prison threat


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Patricia Benavides’ lawyer has raised concerns about recent statements made by Jaime Villanueva. The legal defense team of the former prosecutor revealed that Villanueva may have been pressured to testify against Benavides by the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption of Power (EEFICOP) and the Investigation Division of Highly Complex Crimes (Diviac) of the National Police, with the threat of being put in preventive detention.

The lawyer, Juan Peña, expressed his belief that Villanueva was coerced into making statements against Benavides under the threat of being placed in preventive detention, which he believes has legal flaws. He also emphasized that Villanueva’s statements must be thoroughly verified before being included in the case file against Benavides.

Peña also demanded that Villanueva clarify whether he had any involvement in coordinating with members of Congress. After leaving the government of Pedro Castillo, Villanueva joined Benavides’ inner circle.

Villanueva left the Lima Prefecture on December 6, taking advantage of effective collaboration to provide details of the corruption network he was involved in. He agreed to cooperate with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police to provide information about the alleged corruption structure led by Benavides, and changed lawyers to Luis Javier Capuñay, a former prosecutor specialized in organized crime.

The lawyer for Benavides is attempting to distance his client from the corruption allegations surrounding Villanueva. It is important to thoroughly investigate the allegations made by Villanueva and ensure that they are corroborated before being used in the case against Benavides.

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