Paterson Mayor: Largest Latino Population in New Jersey


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The mayor of Paterson, Andre Sayeh, recently spoke with Univision 41 to discuss the efforts his administration is making to address crime and help victims of the January floods in the city. He mentioned that a fund has been created for flood victims and encouraged those in need to contact the mayor’s office for assistance.

Sayeh acknowledged that many people still require help and recognized that the year “did not start well.” He expressed hope that the city can assist as many people as possible and potentially build a seawall to prevent future flooding in certain areas of Paterson. Approximately 50 homes were affected by the bad weather.

In terms of crime, Sayeh noted that there has been a significant decrease in criminal activity in Paterson. Between 2022 and 2023, there was a 33.3% reduction in shootings, a 22.6% decrease in robberies, and 102 fewer crime victims. He credited the hard work of the Paterson Police Department for these improvements, as well as other teams that focus on the social and financial well-being of residents.

The city has established empowerment centers to provide financial assistance, a guaranteed income initiative to support low-income families, and a response team for drug addiction and opioids. Sayeh also highlighted the city’s large Latino population and mentioned attractions like ‘PerĂº Square’, which offers a variety of cultural experiences and cuisine.

In addition to addressing crime and flood relief efforts, Sayeh mentioned that there is a shelter available in Paterson for residents who need help after the Passaic River overflows. He emphasized the city’s commitment to supporting its residents and working towards a safer and more resilient community.

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