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Pat Sajak’s Awkward Moment on Wheel of Fortune: Snaps at Contestant After Incorrect Guess

Pat Sajak’s Awkward Moment on Wheel of Fortune: Snaps at Contestant After Incorrect Guess

Wheel of Fortune Host, Pat Sajak Snaps at Contestant on National Television

The long-time host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, has become famous for his witty comments and jabs at contestants with wrong answers. During a recent episode of the show, Pat snapped at a contestant, causing an uproar online. Here’s what happened:

The Triple Toss-Up Round

The contestants were participating in the Triple Toss-Up Round where they had to complete a phrase under the category “What are you doing?” The first puzzle had only two revealed letters when Debbie and her granddaughter, Sarah, rang in to complete it. However, after guessing “Taking a nap,” Pat replied with “No… no,” allowing the puzzle to continue filling out for the other players. Gloria and her grandson Isaiah then answered correctly, with “Hailing a cab.”

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Pat teased Debbie and Sarah by saying, “I like the ‘Taking a nap’ one better,” before proceeding with the next puzzle. Debbie buzzed in early again, guessing “Catching a fish,” to which Pat asked, “No?” and added, “Something to do when you get up from your nap.” Gloria and Isaiah, unsurprisingly, finished the phrase correctly.

The Final Toss-Up Puzzle

Debbie and Sarah were the first to buzz in to answer the final Toss-Up puzzle. Unfortunately, Debbie guessed, “Catching an Uber,” causing Pat to snap, “Why are you bothering?” Continuously jumping the gun, Debbie received criticism from the host throughout the episode.

Previous Awkward Moments

This is not the first time Pat has had awkward moments with players. During the bonus round, drama teacher Fred Jackson guessed “Time for an abridge… Time for an unride,” when the correct answer was “Time for an upgrade,” losing about $45,000. Pat expressed sympathy for Fred and tried to ease the tension with some jokes, causing Fred to raise his fists like he was going to throw a punch.

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Overall, it’s no surprise that Pat Sajak is often critical of contestants who guess incorrectly, generating entertaining moments for viewers.

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