Passenger Chaos as Germany’s Main Airports are Hit by Strikes


Industrial Action in Germany Disrupts Air Transport for Thousands of Passengers

Several strikes have disrupted air transport in Germany, as workers at the country’s major airports stage walkouts in relation to wage disputes. Airports affected by the strikes include Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, and Bremen. These “warning stoppages” have resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights, causing significant disruption for thousands of passengers, both national and international.

Berlin airport took to Twitter to inform travellers that there would be no commercial departures due to the air security control workers’ strike. At Hamburg airport, regular departures and arrivals have been affected. Hannover airport reported that there would be no regular flight operations for a significant period, from 9 pm on Sunday, March 12, until 01:30 am on Tuesday, March 14. Bremen airport has cancelled all flights for the day of the 13th.

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Overall, around 200 departures were cancelled in Berlin, with an expected cancellation of around a third of the 200 arrivals scheduled for Monday 13th. In Hamburg, 123 departures and at least 50 of the 121 scheduled arrivals have been cancelled.

The workers have been negotiating with the Confederation of Aviation Safety Companies (BDLS) for an increase in salary, with demands for a 10.5% increase. Employers have offered a 5% increase in two phases. Negotiations will continue between the parties on the 27th of March.


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