Paris Hilton’s heartbreaking reason for choosing surrogacy unveiled


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Paris Hilton recently revealed that she decided to use a surrogate for the birth of her two children due to the trauma she endured during her teenage years. In an interview with Romper, she explained that she still suffers from PTSD as a result of her time at Utah’s Provo Canyon School for troubled youth. She expressed concerns about the impact of her high anxiety on her baby and decided that using a surrogate would be the healthiest option.

In 2020, Hilton alleged that she had been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused during her time at the school. She claimed that part of the alleged abuse included nonconsensual gynecological examinations in which she was held down against her will. The school has previously said they “do not condone or promote any form of abuse.” The school has since been acquired by a different company who said in a statement to Romper they cannot comment on prior “operations of student experience.”

Hilton also revealed that she has a fear of pregnancy and childbirth, which she attributes to her traumatic experiences at the school. She expressed concerns about being in a doctor’s office and the medical procedures associated with pregnancy. She welcomed her son Phoenix in January and daughter London in November.

In addition to her traumatic past, Hilton also cited her hectic work schedule as a reason for using a surrogate. She explained that her schedule is planned a year in advance and that she wouldn’t have had the time to manage her work commitments along with the side effects of pregnancy.

Despite the challenges she faced, Hilton feels that her life is finally complete with the arrival of her children. She is currently the face of Hilton Hotels, the founder of 11:11 media company, the host of the “I am Paris” podcast, the star of Peacock’s “Paris in Love,” the owner of a kitchenware line, a DJ and also an aspiring pop star with her eye set on releasing new music next year. She admits that she has started to slow down just a tad since the arrival of her second child.

While Hilton says two kids is the “perfect” number, she is still open to potentially having one more. She reflected on her past views of motherhood and expressed that she couldn’t imagine it any other way. Given Hilton’s track record, we probably won’t know about a potential baby No. 3 until he’s already alive and sliving.

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