Parents Reject Proposal to Advance HISD Class Start | Video Included


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The proposed changes to the academic calendar for the 2024-2025 school year have sparked controversy among parents and teachers’ unions. The new calendar would extend the school year to 180 days, with classes starting in mid-August and ending in early June. Many parents are unhappy with the proposed changes, with some expressing concerns about the impact on their children’s education.

One parent, Jessica, expressed her frustration, stating that every change in the education system has negatively affected the quality of education. She believes that adding 10 more days to the school calendar will only lead to more mistakes and challenges for teachers and students.

The proposed calendar was developed in collaboration with the community, with input from over 4,000 members, including educational professionals. Proponents of the new calendar argue that it puts children’s needs first and reflects the feedback received from the community.

In addition to concerns about the impact on education, parents are also worried about the financial implications of the extended school year. Many have not been informed about how the additional days will affect teachers’ salaries, leading to uncertainty and frustration.

The extended school year could also interfere with summer work opportunities for teachers, according to the teachers’ federation. They claim that the superintendent has not adequately communicated with them about the proposed changes, leaving them feeling uninformed and disregarded.

Overall, the proposed changes to the academic calendar have sparked a heated debate among parents, teachers, and the community. While some believe that the new calendar will benefit students, others are concerned about its impact on education and finances. The lack of communication and transparency from school officials has only added to the frustration and uncertainty surrounding the proposed changes.

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