Pandemic Expected to Persist in China Through February and March

**China facing multiple phases of COVID-19 epidemic with astronomical displacements during Lunar New year, warns former Chief Epidemiologist**

This Friday (01.13.2023), the former Chief Epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control Zeng Gung spoke about the different phases of the COVID-19 epidemic that different cities and regions are facing.

He stated that the peak of the wave has pretty much passed in some places like Beijing, but it has yet to start in some rural areas, with the peak of the wave at the national level last through February and March.

In addition, he has expressed his caution over the situation in China’s rural areas and called for “attention” to “implement a prevention strategy” in them, underlining their relative scarcity of health care resources.

The number of displacements is expected to be high during the upcoming Lunar New Year, which has led to the State Council (Executive) asking local governments to prioritize health services in rural areas.

Various local experts have already declared that the peak of infections has already passed in metropolitan cities such as Beijing, Chengdu and Canton. However, some have expressed the need for multiple cautionary stances when dealing with the ravaging virus.

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has stated that the Chinese Government is not giving out accurate death figures resulting from the coronavirus henceforth, this has caused serious doubts about reliable official figures.

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