Panama Reports 99 Cases of Monkeypox

Monkeypox Alert in Panama Raises Infected Cases to 99
Panama has declared a health alert for monkeypox, which is now known as mpox, raising the accummulated number of infected cases to 99, according to a report from the Ministry of Health. Between January 5 and 18, 18 new cases were detected within these two weeks and were sent to the Gorgas Memorial Institute for further testing. Results showed that 97 men and 2 women have tested positive and 45.4% of infected people tested positive for HIV.

Of the 99 cases reported, 64 have no sexually transmitted infections, while 18 have syphilis and 15 cases remain undetermined. Four patients are currently in medical facilities while another 14 are in home isolation. 81 patients have completed their necessary quarantine and isolation period without major setbacks.

Monkeypox is primarily spread from person to person through skin lesions, respiratory and body fluids and contaminated surfaces. To prevent the transmission of the virus, the health ministry urged for the people exposed to infected cases to recieve the vaccination as soon as possible.

Panama has been facing the monkeypox outbreak since May 24 with the first reported case which was a 30-year-old with fever.
The World Health Organization (WHO) demostrated its solidarity with affected countries and announced on November 28 that it will rename monkeypox mpox, to avoid any racist or stigmatizing comments related to the global outbreak of the disease.

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