Pamela Franco had a nervous breakdown during ‘MQM’ interview


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Pamela Franco made an appearance on ‘Mande Quien Mande’ on February 12, where she opened up about her pain over Christian Domínguez’s infidelity and admitted to being involved with Christian Cueva. Exclusive behind-the-scenes images of the interview showed Pamela Franco visibly affected by media pressure.

In the video, Pamela Franco is seen entering the América TV studios accompanied by a channel employee. Before going on air, a production member had a conversation with her, presumably to reassure her and explain what would happen in the next few minutes.

During the interview, Pamela Franco addressed doubts about her ex-partner Christian Domínguez and her secret relationship with Christian Cueva, a Peruvian soccer player who recently separated from his wife Pamela López after 15 years together. Clarifying these points in front of the cameras brought the cumbia singer to tears during the commercial breaks of ‘MQM’.

Pamela Franco was visibly emotional during the commercial breaks, prompting members of the ‘Mande Quien Mande’ production to come to her aid. After composing herself, she continued to share her truth on the show hosted by María Pía Copello and Carlos Vílchez.

Despite expressing regret for becoming involved with a married man, Pamela López, Christian Cueva’s wife, did not believe in the pain of the cumbia singer. She shared a controversial message on her Instagram stories, expressing her disbelief in Pamela Franco’s emotions.

Pamela Franco explained that she is going through a difficult emotional moment as a result of Christian Domínguez’s infidelity, which she never expected. She also admitted to being Christian Cueva’s lover and explained why the footballer sent her a deposit of S / 280, claiming it was a joke to cheer her up after Christian Domínguez’s betrayal.

Finally, Pamela Franco apologized to Pamela López for hiding the clandestine relationship and not being honest when confronted. She expressed her regret and apologized directly to Pamela López for the harm caused.

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