Palenqueras stage fight in Cartagena’s historic center


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Intolerance is a major issue in the country and has led to confrontations between people. In a recent incident in Cartagena, two women were involved in a violent confrontation in a busy area. A video of the incident showed a group of palenqueras working in the Historic Center of the city when one of them attacked another. The aggressor punched and grabbed her colleague, and even attacked other women who tried to intervene.

Despite the short duration of the fight, it was witnessed by many people, including tourists, which may have left a negative impression of the city. The reasons for the confrontation are not clear, but some speculate it may have been over public space. However, despite such incidents, Cartagena was chosen as one of the favorite destinations in South America at Tripadvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards.

The city was described as a beautiful fishing town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia with excellent beaches, a walkable historic center, and beautiful colonial architecture. It was ranked as the fourth favorite destination for travelers in South America. The city authorities expressed their honor at receiving the award and highlighted the unique charm and inspiration that Cartagena offers to visitors.

The beaches and colonial architecture were among the main attractions for travelers, and the city is a popular port of call for cruise ships. John Boris, director of growth at Tripadvisor, congratulated the Cartagena authorities and emphasized the impact the city has on travelers.

Despite the recognition and positive image of Cartagena as a tourist destination, incidents like the confrontation between the palenqueras tarnish the city’s reputation. It is important for the authorities to address issues of intolerance and violence to maintain the city’s appeal to visitors.

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