Pakistan Restored Following 24-Hour Nationwide Blackout

Power restored to all cities in Pakistan following 24-hour blackout
Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy announced on Monday that it had restored power supply to all 1,112 stations across the country within 24 hours, following a massive blackout that left a large part of its territory in the dark.

The restoration of power began arriving in Islamabad late yesterday afternoon, and reached throughout the night to other cities. Despite the ministry’s announcement, many users responded to the notification stating that they still did not have electricity in their homes, while the energy company in charge of supplying Karachi, the most populous city in the country, echoed this.

Imran Rana, spokesman from K-Electric, said on Twitter that “power has been restored to important facilities, including airports, hospitals, water pumping stations, etc. At this time, all power grids are operational and the restoration process is also continuing at the regional level.”

However, Rana added that they were carrying out “limited temporary load management in the city to keep the system stable”, which could mean that some places still do not fully recover power.

The massive blackout began early Monday after some frequency variations and voltage fluctuations in the southern province of Sindh caused power generating units to shut down one by one across the country. Pakistan is going through a serious economic crisis that led the Government to recently approve a new energy conservation plan to reduce consumption.

Despite the restoration of power, users are urged to remain vigilant and conserve energy to prevent further blackouts.

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