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Pakistan accuses Afghanistan of constructing ‘unlawful structures’ along tense border | Border Disputes News

accuses ’s Taliban government of violating territorial sovereignty and constructing “unlawful structures” at the Torkham border crossing. The key route between the two countries has been closed since a deadly exchange of fire between the forces last week.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement condemning the “unprovoked and indiscriminate firing” by Afghan forces, which led to the closure of the border crossing. They accused the Afghan troops of targeting Pakistani posts and damaging at the Torkham Border Terminal. Pakistan claims that Afghan forces were stopped from erecting illegal structures.

The statement came after talks between Pakistan and Afghanistan failed to reopen the Torkham crossing. The Taliban government had accused Pakistani forces of firing on their troops while they were repairing an “old security post.” They accused Pakistan of causing delays and hindrances in opening the transit point.

Pakistan alleges that Afghan forces were illegally building a new border post, which resulted in the exchange of fire. The Taliban reported that two of their guards were killed in the firing incident.

The closure of the Torkham border has stranded hundreds of trucks carrying essential goods on both sides. between Pakistan and Afghanistan have remained tense, with Pakistan urging Afghanistan to control the movement of armed attackers from entering its territory.

Afghanistan denies that it allows its soil to be used by armed groups to launch attacks on other nations. Pakistan has experienced a surge in armed attacks in its Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces since the Taliban came to power. The outlawed Pakistan Taliban, also known as TTP, which is ideologically aligned with the Taliban in Afghanistan, claims responsibility for most of these attacks.

In a separate incident on the day of the Torkham firing, the TTP claimed responsibility for attacking two military checkposts in the remote Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, resulting in the deaths of four Pakistani soldiers and 12 TTP fighters.

The ongoing tension and closure of the Torkham border have significantly impacted trade and economic activities between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both countries need to find a peaceful resolution to their differences and ensure the smooth movement of goods across the border.

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