Pablo Urdangarin stays quiet after finding out about his parents’ split


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Pablo Urdangarin, the son of Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin, made headlines this week when it was revealed that his parents had finally signed their divorce papers in Barcelona last December. This comes two years after their separation and after it was reported that Iñaki Urdangarin had started a relationship with Ainhoa Armentia.

The news was first reported by the magazine ¡HOLA! and has since been making waves in the media. It’s been a long time coming, and it seems that the former handball player and his ex-wife have finally reached an agreement.

Pablo Urdangarin, who has been in the public eye since his parents’ separation, was spotted at a handball training session this week. When asked about his feelings regarding his parents’ divorce, he remained tight-lipped and simply stated that he was “fine” before avoiding any further comments on the matter.

It’s clear that the young man is dealing with the situation in his own way and prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. Despite the media attention surrounding his family, he seems to be focused on his own life and staying out of the spotlight.

As for his father’s new relationship with Ainhoa Armentia, Pablo Urdangarin has chosen not to comment on the matter. It’s a personal issue for his parents, and he seems to be respecting their privacy.

It’s been a challenging time for the Urdangarin family, but it seems that they are all trying to move forward in their own way. The media attention may be intense, but Pablo Urdangarin is focused on his own life and keeping a low profile. As he continues to navigate the challenges of his parents’ divorce, it’s clear that he is handling the situation with grace and maturity.

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