Over 1,800 Detained in India During Law Enforcement Operation

Over 1,800 Detained in India During Law Enforcement Operation

India Initiates Robust Operation Against Crime

India has launched a major nationwide drive against criminals, resulting in the arrest of over 1,800 people. The operation was conducted in 36 cities across the country, with a firm commitment to bring the war against crime to a successful conclusion.

Fifty-six police teams, each comprising of between five and eight officers, were formed for the operation. The teams worked in tandem to spread word about the crackdown, along with safety bulletins and tips on security. The operation was thoroughly coordinated and included swift raids and searches at suspected hideouts of criminals.

The 1,800 arrested have been taken into custody under 18 different criminal activities, such as gambling and abduction. Police have managed to recover stolen cash, firearms and laptop stolen in the wave of lawlessness that had crept in over the past few weeks.

Speaking about the success of the mission, Home Minister Amit Shah said that the government is keen on ensuring that law and order prevails at all levels. He further emphasized the need to stay aware and vigilant against any attempts of crime and urged citizens to join hands with authorities in bringing such malpractices to a stop.

The operation has been widely acclaimed by experts, who have lauded the success of the mission in reinforcing the security of citizens in India. Hopefully, the drive will maintain its momentum and contribute to increased safety and assurance for the people of India.

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