Outlander: What Happened to the Actor Initially Cast as Jamie Fraser?

Sam Heughan is known for his prominent role as Jamie Fraser in the hit television series Outlander, however recently an interview was released revealing that another actor was originally going to take the role. January 10, 2023 6:53 p.m.

Outlander is based on the bestselling novel by American author Diana Gabaldon, titled Cross Stitch. When the Starz television network began the adaptation of Outlander in 2014, the eighth book in the series had already been published.

However, plans for an adaptation of the drama began long before. British actor Frazer Hines, best known for his role in Doctor Who revealed that he was offered to take the role of Jamie Fraser. In fact, he says it was his character of Jamie McCrimmon from Doctor Who that inspired Diana Gabladon to write the novel.He then contacted the drama director of Yorkshire TV to pitch the show, but it was rejected.

This casting change could’ve drastically altered the fate of the show, had Katherine Heigl played Claire Fraser instead of Caitriona Balfe. Hines said that he asked for Jamie Fraser to keep his name, as it was just coincidence that the character had the same name.

In the first season of Outlander, Hines did make a special cameo as Wentworth Prison jailer, Sir Fletcher Gordon. This episode was the most watched episode due to millions of Doctor Who fans tuning in to see Hines.

Although Hines didn’t get to play Jamie Fraser, he still hopes to reprise his role in the future. In fact, Hines claims that his character could still make a return since the show often jumps across time and place.

30 years later, Outlander has garnered a massive fan following with several seasons and counting. Meanwhile, Yorkshire Frazer Hines has enlightened us all as to what could have been in a different world.

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