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My adventure in the open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 started with a simple side quest. The owner of a pharmacy asked me to help find his lost grandson, who had been kidnapped by wolves. As I followed the trail, I heard a screeching sound from above. Suddenly, I found myself in a battle for my life against a Gryphon. The monster was too strong for my group to handle, but we fought, clawed, and held our ground until we finally got him to retreat. I breathed a sigh of relief and settled into a nearby camp to sleep until nightfall.

However, my dream was interrupted by the Gryphon himself, who returned seeking revenge. That fight somehow turned into another battle with a Wight, who nearly left me dead before I finally took him out, just as the sun rose, after an epic 20-minute battle. None of this was part of the actual quest involved in saving the boy. It was just a series of events that led to one of the most unforgettable encounters I’ve ever had in an open-world action RPG.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a fantastic open world that I spent 10 hours adventuring in. I started by creating my own pawn, which are AI-controlled companions who gain equipment, skills, and experience from your game, and take it all online, where other players can hire them to be their own companions.

Exploration and discovery in Dragon’s Dogma 2 feel much more natural than before. There are no more quest boards, no markers that appear above people’s heads to let you know who has a quest, and any kind of symbols placed on your map to inform you of points of interest are kept to a minimum. As such, you’ll rely on your pawns and NPCs to guide you through the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

More often than not, NPCs will be the ones approaching you with opportunities for side quests, rather than the other way around. Pawns will also point out objects of interest, such as peculiar statues, rocks that can be destroyed to find a path leading to treasure, or if they already know a quest from their owner’s game, they will guide you directly to them if you give them the go-ahead. This style of exploration and adventure feels organic and appropriately rewarding.

Over the course of my ten hours, I was able to play with a total of five vocations: fighter, mage, warrior, sorcerer, and illusionist. The two Advanced Vocations are actually unlocked through a quest. After visiting the Vocations Guild, I was given the quest to retrieve a Great Sword and Staff, and after doing so, I unlocked the Warrior and Sorcerer Vocations.

My personal favorite of the Vocations I got to try was by far the Warrior, who maintains the fantasy of being the great swordsman wielding a greatsword who brings giant beasts to their knees with a single charged blow. Director Hideaki Itsuno worked hard to give them some new elements to help bring out his strengths. The tackle he is referring to is a new ability called “Barge”, which allows the warrior to execute a quick shoulder strike, even while charging an attack, to interrupt and potentially stun any enemy attempting to ram his attack.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get deep enough into the sorcerer vocation to see any of the big, crazy spells they’re so loved for, but what I really liked about the sorcerer was the addition of a unique ability called Galvanize. This ability allows you to adopt a stance that recovers your energy extremely quickly, which is especially useful for the Sorcerer, since his spells take a long time to cast.

The open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is huge, about four times larger than the already enormous map of the first game. Fast travel is very limited, like in the first game. You can only fast travel between discovered Harbor Crystals, and each time you do so, you must spend a “Ferrystone”, which are very valuable items that are not cheap or easy to find. Another option to get around is to use an Ox Cart, which is relatively cheap, but is limited because you can’t choose where to travel.

Overall, my experience in the open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 was filled with exciting encounters, organic exploration, and rewarding gameplay. It’s a game that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for players who enjoy open-world action RPGs.

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