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The video game industry is currently debating the future of video game subscriptions. Many companies have introduced subscription services in recent years, such as Microsoft Game Pass, Sony’s PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online, which offer access to a library of games for a monthly fee. However, concerns have been raised about the ownership, visibility, and preservation of video games with the potential dominance of subscription services by a few companies.

Ubisoft executive’s recent comments about gamers needing to “feel comfortable” not owning their games before video game subscriptions could take off have sparked controversy. This has led to a debate about the future of video game subscriptions and the impact they could have on the gaming industry.

Swen Vincke, the head of Larian Studios, the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3, has expressed his opinion on the matter. He believes that subscription services should not become the dominant model and that a select group should not decide what games go to market. Vincke argues that direct distribution from developers to players is the way forward, as it allows for more creative freedom and idealism in game development.

Vincke has made it clear that Larian games will never be available on subscription services. He believes that developers should receive a fair price for their games and that this model allows them to continue making other games without relying on microtransactions.

While Vincke is against video game subscriptions, there are others in the industry who see the value in these services. Some developers have claimed that subscription services like Game Pass are invaluable to their success and even survival. For example, Miles Jacobson, the boss of Football Manager maker Sports Interactive, has defended subscriptions, stating that they have brought the franchise to new people who have never played it before.

The debate about the future of video game subscriptions is ongoing, with different developers and industry figures expressing varying opinions. It remains to be seen how the gaming industry will evolve in response to the rise of subscription services and the impact they will have on game development and distribution.

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