Original Illustrations Show Sonic the Hedgehog’s Pre-Hedgehog Design

Original Illustrations Show Sonic the Hedgehog’s Pre-Hedgehog Design

**SEGA Creative Designer Reveals Sonic the Hedgehog Could Have Been Human**

SEGA’s iconic mascot Sonic the Hedgehog may have looked considerably different to how we know him today, reveals Naoto Ohshima, character designer for Sonic the Hedgehog in a recent tweet. He stated that he had initially created a draft of the game featuring two brothers, protecting the dream word from a nightmare world boss. The two brothers famously sported blue and pink spiked hair – signifying the design transformation into the blue hedgehog we know and love today.

Naoto Ohshima provided initial concept illustrations of the character as a human being. Details of why he decided to ultimately switch the concept has yet to be revealed by the original developer.

Sonic continues to be a beloved character decades after his introduction onto SEGA Consoles. To strengthen his position as an iconic character, SEGA plans on releasing a range of products, including a Netflix series and a live action film about Knuckles.

The release of the highly acclaimed Sonic Frontiers has also been met with critical praise, with many praising it has one of the best games in the entire series.

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