Opposition denounces Djibouti Assembly for favoring presidential camp

Djibouti: the opposition denounces an Assembly in the colors of the presidential camp

Djibouti’s New National Assembly Takes Place with UMP Presidential Majority Reinforcing its Control

Following the vote on February 24th, the UMP presidential majority confirms its almost total control in Djibouti’s newly formed National Assembly. The camp of President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, known as “IOG,” won a landslide victory with 58 deputies elected out of 65. On March 5th, the new president of the National Assembly was elected, with Dileita Mohamed Dileita, a former Prime Minister and diplomat, assuming the position. However, opponents remain skeptical, citing potential maneuvers for the 2026 presidential election.

Abdourahman Mohamed Guelleh, leader of the RADDE party, warns of the political limitations of Dileita’s appointment, saying, “Everything is dictated by Ismail Omar Guelleh who locked everything up. His arrival at the head of the assembly brings nothing in political terms.” This sentiment is echoed by opponent Aden Mohamed Abdou of the ARD, who suggests that President Guelleh plans to change the Constitution again to prepare for a sixth term.

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Several opposition candidates, reputed to be close to the government, were unable to compete due to procedural issues or high registration fees. Only the UDJ party was able to secure seven seats, reinforcing the UMP’s dominance.

While President Guelleh’s camp sees the election as a resounding success, critics fear the perpetuation of an uncompromising political system. For now, Djibouti’s National Assembly remains under the control of the UMP, and the future political landscape of the country remains uncertain.


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