Olivier Dussopt and Bruno Le Maire Lead Pension Reform Efforts

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Faced with criticism and demonstrations after the decision to use 49.3 to avoid losing a vote on pension reform, the government is keeping its line and showing its determination to move forward once the vote on the motions of censure has passed. An attempted counter-offensive led by Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt and Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire in two interviews, one in Sunday newspaper and the other at Parisian.

Start preparing for the next step: this is what Olivier Dussopt and Bruno Le Maire have applied themselves to. An essential Sunday communication offensive on the eve of the examination of the motions of censure tabled against the government.

A test that the two ministers think they can overcome because “the coalition of counters” does not make a majority. For Olivier Dussopt, “rebellious France and the National Rally cannot govern together”. A way of saying that there is no alternative to the relative majority of Emmanuel Macron.

With in parallel a reaffirmation of the need for the pension reform, which Bruno Le Maire affirms that it will be applied… as a response to those who ask that it be withdrawn or never promulgated, in particular the unions, with which Olivier Dussopt hopes there will be « a before and an after » pension reform, therefore to be able to negotiate on other texts.

Texts that will have to be voted on in the Assembly with, still according to the two ministers, the same method of seeking compromise… which nevertheless resulted in a missed meeting with Les Républicains (LR) a 49.3 and the emergence of violence in recent days.

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