HomeNewsOlaf Scholz Affirms His Dedication to Protecting the Baltic Republics in Germany

Olaf Scholz Affirms His Dedication to Protecting the Baltic Republics in Germany

Olaf Scholz Affirms His Dedication to Protecting the Baltic Republics in Germany

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Meets With Baltic Leaders to Discuss Russian Invasion of Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently met with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in Tallinn to discuss the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. These three Baltic States have emerged as some of the most hardline voices within the EU and have strongly supported Kiev throughout the conflict.

During the meeting, Scholz had the opportunity to hear about the ways in which the war has united Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These three countries, all former Soviet republics, have understandable concerns about Russia’s territorial ambitions and have been working together to strengthen their security and defense cooperation.

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The meeting in Tallinn focused on these issues, as well as the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius in July. Scholz was keen to emphasize Germany’s commitment to supporting the Baltic States, including through the deployment of troops and infrastructure development.

“We have extended our support in many ways, including the presence of soldiers here in Lithuania. This also includes infrastructure development, and we have also promised to create structures so that we can always deploy troops there very quickly. Now we are putting it into practice with the equipment made available for this purpose,” Scholz stated.

While Germany was previously criticized for its slow response to the conflict in Ukraine, it has since taken a more active role within NATO and is working to reinforce its eastern flank. The promised deployment of Bundeswehr soldiers is just one example of this increased engagement.

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As Russia continues to threaten the security of its neighbors, it is reassuring to see countries like Germany and the Baltic States working together to defend against these threats. With continued cooperation and a strong show of NATO unity, hopefully, peace and stability can be restored to the region.

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