Ohio woman sells home for 3-year cruise, company cancels trip


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An Ohio woman sold her home to experience the trip of a lifetime on a $32,000 luxury cruise that would’ve taken her across the globe — only for it to never happen. Keri Witman, the head of a marketing agency Clever Lucy, said everything turned for the worse after Life at Sea Cruises on Nov. 17 notified her that they had to cancel the trip due to not being able to secure a ship for the voyage.

The dream luxury cruise trip offered travelers a stay on board for three years while the ship made stops in 148 countries and visited 382 ports across every continent. The Life at Sea Cruise trip, scheduled to depart from Istanbul, advertised they would provide food, travel, internet access, medical care, and more for prices starting at $30,000 per year for each guest, the cruise website showed.

Witman sold her home and signed a short-term lease for an apartment to reserve her room, which cost $38,500, according to the outlet. Witman told the outlet she wanted to do the trip because it would give her the opportunity, as a mostly remote worker, to travel across the world while still being able to run her company.

Problems arose when Life at Sea Cruise, originally scheduled to leave on Nov. 1, notified passengers of having to push back the departure date multiple times. The cruise company had plans to purchase a Carnival Corp. ship called AIDAaura, but a different company secured the ship.

Life at Sea Cruise announced it is offering refunds to all passengers from Dec. 1 up until February 2024 in monthly installments, an Instagram post from Miraycruises announced in Turkish. Other customers were furious about the abrupt cancellation from the luxury cruise line, as some claim to not even have a place to stay because of it.

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