Official Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster Makes Fans Swoon

Official Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster Makes Fans Swoon

Super Mario Bros. The Movie releases official poster, fans of saga fall in love.

The hype of Super Mario Bros. The Movie continues to amaze fans of the beloved saga! Just recently, the official poster of the film was released, and it has completely sent Mario fans into a frenzy of the highest order.

The poster is well crafted, keeping in mind the classic elements of the saga but adding a beautiful visual touch. It remains true to the classic characters and feel, yet it offers an original perspective.

Viewers can see Mario, his brother Luigi and their friends as they are trying to escape the huge walls of Bowser’s castle. Fans are already expecting a great movie and this poster has undoubtedly given them a glimpse of things to come. It’s for sure that the movie will not disappoint Mario fans.

The movie is produced by Nintendo, Illumination, and it will be released in March 2022. It is said to be the first ever feature-length theatrical Mario film and it will follow the classic Super Mario games storyline which follows the adventures of Mario and Luigi.

The movie is thus the perfect opportunity for a new generation of fans to learn more about the beloved classics; and for a generation of fans who have followed Mario and Luigi’s adventures for so many years, this movie is a reminder that the classic games still remain as beloved as ever!

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