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Obsidian’s upcoming RPG, Avowed, was recently featured in the Xbox Developer Direct, where we got a glimpse of how the game will handle player choices through side quests. This led us to wonder about the game’s natural ending, especially in a game that emphasizes choice. Will Avowed have multiple endings? We were able to confirm this by speaking with the game’s director, Carrie Patel, who stated that yes, Avowed will indeed have multiple endings. Patel emphasized that it’s an Obsidian game, so multiple endings are to be expected.

While Patel didn’t provide specific details about the number or differences of the endings, she did discuss how player choice will be expressed in the game and how players will experience it. According to Patel, every action the player takes will have consequences, and it’s not just about cause and effect. The player’s expression and interpretation of the world’s reactions to them are crucial, especially in an open world where not all reactions or interactions may be seen.

Patel stressed the importance of surprising yet believable results, as predictable outcomes can become boring. She also mentioned that not all missions will have world-ending consequences, as some will have a significant impact on the characters in the world, while others will offer a more personal experience for the characters involved.

One of the most exciting aspects of role-playing games, according to Patel, is the variety in tone, type, scope, and nature of the content. Avowed aims to provide players with a vast world filled with diverse experiences that contribute to the player’s role as the protagonist of the game.

Avowed is set to be released in 2024, with the game first being revealed in 2020 and more footage showcased at an Xbox presentation in 2023. Patel also discussed the game’s decision to focus on different types of relationships rather than romances, as well as the limitation of character creation to choosing between an elf or a human.

Overall, Avowed promises to offer players a rich and diverse experience with multiple endings, emphasizing the impact of player choices and the variety of experiences within the game world. With its release on the horizon, fans of RPGs can look forward to immersing themselves in the expansive and dynamic world of Avowed.

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