NYC Pilot Plan: Pre-Filled Cards for Immigrant Food Shelters


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New York City has launched a new program to provide preloaded cards to immigrants living in shelters. These cards will be loaded every 28 days with an amount of money that depends on the number of family members. They can only be used in warehouses and self-service stores to buy food and some items. This program is intended to replace the food support that is given to immigrants inside the shelters.

Mayor Eric Adams clarified that the money given to immigrants is not from American Express, but rather an equivalent amount to what they would receive in food support. The goal is to find a better and cheaper way to deliver food to shelters. The Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Camille Joseph Varlack, stated that about $12 per day is deposited to asylum seekers, resulting in a monthly savings of $600,000 for the Mayor’s Office.

The pilot program is currently for 500 people, with the aim of saving money on the costs of delivering food to shelters. The cards are restricted to use in warehouses and supermarkets. Additionally, seven people, the majority of whom lived in these shelters, have been arrested and are awaiting trial for various charges related to criminal possession of weapons.

In an apartment in Queens, authorities found homemade explosives, assault rifles, pistols, bulletproof vests, anarchist propaganda, and a radio with the signal of a barracks. A handwritten note entitled “targets to attack” was also found at the site, which included police officers, judges, politicians, among others. The police operation, where the confiscation of weapons and arrests took place, was recorded on January 17.

The brothers, Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis, were placed under arrest and now face 130 charges related to criminal possession of weapons, including possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and manufacturing and transporting weapons. The investigation took more than 6 months, and the apartment located in the Astoria area was eventually raided, leading to the discovery of ghost weapons made with a 3D printer, homemade explosives, smoke bombs, and 600 bullets.

A handwritten note titled “targets to attack” was also found, listing police, judges, politicians, celebrities, and bankers as potential targets. The brothers will go to court on February 15 and face a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

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