NY Mayor Visits Mexican Border Amid Immigration Crisis

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Demands Federal Action in Face of Rising Immigrant Influx

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a nationwide response to the influx of over 40,000 asylum seekers and immigrants into the city since last spring. De Blasio made the call during a radio interview this Friday where he estimated the cost of caring for them could be between 1,500 and 2,000 million dollars and warned of the impact it may have on New York’s budget deficit.

“The money comes from our schools. It comes from our public safety, our hospitals, our infrastructure,” said Adams.

He went on to criticize the current Joe Biden administration for failing to provide a “true national response” to the influx of Latin American immigrants. An average of 400 new people have arrived in the city every day last week, he added, making the situation risk overwhelming the current shelters and hotel accommodations.

The Mayor has since issued an appeal to the state of New York to house 500 immigrants, with further estimates to be made if the influx continues. This Sunday, de Blasio will visit El Paso and other nearby areas and brief the media about the situation.

The Mayor urged authorities to come together and provide solutions to the immigration situation before it impacts the city’s services and infrastructure.

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