Nowhere safe for children in Gaza | Israel-Palestine conflict


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Israel’s orders to move families in Gaza are not ensuring their survival, but rather giving them the option to die elsewhere. The situation in Gaza is dire and becoming catastrophic, with almost 80 percent of the population now homeless and seeking refuge wherever they can.

During a seven-day pause in fighting, families were able to look for food, search for loved ones, and take a break from the relentless bombardments. However, this relief was short-lived, and the situation quickly turned to despair once the pause was over.

Humanitarians worked tirelessly to bring in critical supplies and provide assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people still in the north, but it was still insufficient to meet the needs of the 2.3 million people who require life-saving assistance.

As the fighting resumed, already displaced families were ordered to move once again, to areas that cannot accommodate them and lack adequate infrastructure, water, sanitation, shelter, and access to basic services. The reality is that nowhere is safe in Gaza, and it is against humanitarian international law to forcibly displace a population.

Children in Gaza are bearing the brunt of the conflict, witnessing the destruction of their homes, schools, and communities, and feeling the terror, insecurity, and helplessness. Humanitarians are driven to protect the rights and preserve the lives of all civilians, especially children, guided by humanitarian principles to protect the most vulnerable and humanity.

The anticipated expansion of military operations in southern cities like Khan Younis would have catastrophic humanitarian consequences for children, compounded by current restrictions and impediments that prevent humanitarians from doing their job. The international community must uphold international law and secure a definitive ceasefire to protect all civilians and provide unfettered access for humanitarians to deliver assistance to all children in Gaza.

Failure to do so would come at the cost of the lives, hopes, and futures of all children in the region, condemning them to be trapped in a continuous cycle of violence. It is crucial for the international community to take action and prevent further suffering in Gaza.

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