Not even with the petal of a Rosalia


This week something happened that for a long time, those of us who work in technology feared it would happen, and that is that the Pandora’s box of the “deep fakes» to violate the dignity of a person.

The person affected is not unknown, she is someone who has more than 25 million followers in Instagram, his videos have an average of 5 million views on YouTube, he has more awards to his credit than any established singer, and with his work and charisma he has left the name of Spain very high. We are talking of course about Rosalía.

The fact is that a reggaeton singer named JC Reyes, in the most infamous way possible, decided to publish without shame in his stories of Instagram some photographs of the singer, making her “appear” naked. Not content with this, he affirms that it is Rosalía herself who has sent them, and to close his crime with a flourish he writes the following sentence: “There are many broken hearts, could it be that Rauw Alejandro left her?”, referring to the boyfriend from Rosalia.

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But who is this character? JC Reyes is a Sevillian singer, who calls himself “AKA LA BESTIA”, and who in his music videos stands out for smoking marijuana with a ski mask. One of his songs called Whatever happens talks about how to smuggle drugs in boats, and another, called That teaches how to sell marijuana. To these virtues, we must also add that in 2021 he was arrested for robbing two German tourists.

Well, this singer -who very few know- is the typical “nini”, he has never worked or studied, and now through his videos he comes to make an apology for the use of marijuana and crime. And worst of all, he lives by performing at town festivals. Just as you read it, the municipalities hire him to dispatch against the very system that is paying him. I would love to know which is the next city council that is going to hire him.

And although many criticize the lack of ethics -which is absolutely true- I think that in the case of JC Reyes, and as Rosalía mentions in her tweet, the question to consider goes elsewhere, and that it is almost worse than the act in itself. And it is the need for recognition at any cost.

In a live that he did on Instragam with a marijuana cigarette in his hand, he himself confirmed that he doesn’t know how to use Photoshop (he doesn’t have the brain cells to do it), and that he only shared the photos. But what he really wanted was to attract the attention of hundreds of Rosalía’s followers to have what Warhol called: “15 minutes of fame.” Ah, but what a great visibility strategy you came up with!

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The fact is that if JC Reyes had had a modicum of conscience (this requires a certain degree of thought) he would have realized that an act like this can have great consequences, not only social, but also legal, for various reasons:

  • It is violating privacy, enshrined in human rights.
  • It also violates the dignity of a person, which is a crime.
  • He is slandering and slandering, which is another crime under the penal code.
  • He is exercising psychological violence.
  • It is also gender violence.
  • In addition to a lack of ethics, and moral.

And now this gentleman comes out to say that he did everything “just for a laugh”, that it wasn’t such a big deal, that he was wrong, and all this while driving his car. Are we really going to accept those mediocre excuses and carry on as if nothing had happened? I’m sorry, but “anything goes” also has a limit.

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I think this fact should set a precedent very exemplary, making visible one of the big problems we will face in the future, and he is one of the deep fakes.

Therefore, parents, learn your lesson well and stop posting photos of your children, and even of yourselves, because any day they will use that photo for something worse. Today this happens to Rosalía, tomorrow it could be to your daughter or to yourself.

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