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Not even Judas dared so much

Not even Judas dared so much

If anyone can boast of having a close friendship with Shakira, that Carlos Vives, who after the announcement of the separation of the Colombian with Gerard Piqué, sided with his colleague and revealed how the artist was in that hard moment of her personal life, but what the King of Vallenato did now was considered a stab in the back.

Let’s remember that Vives pointed out a few months ago, “For me it is a great pride to be her friend because I have seen how warrior she is. I send her messages whenever I can, but I don’t bother her much either because I know she’s going through a very difficult time, ”the musician began by saying about the hard time the pop star was going through.

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ALL THE DETAILS! Carlos Vives does not contain himself and sends a forceful message to Shakira: “Love yourself!”

In addition, Carlos did not hesitate to extend his support and in the midst of all this scandal he released some forceful words that make it clear that he is his unconditional friend, “She knows that I wish her all the best always,” Vives said some time ago, but it seems that his words do not agree with his deeds, at least, that is how the fans uncovered it and they even exhibited the evidence.

And it is that now the composer was targeted and accused of betraying his great friend, after leaving a red heart for Gerard Piqué and his partner Clara Chía in the last photo that they uploaded posing together. It turns out that Internet users did not go unnoticed that from Vives’s account they “liked” the new publication of the Spaniard together with his girlfriend, which outraged many. However, when reviewing the publication, the like of the Colombian singer is no longer there, although that did not prevent several from saving the test.

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This is the proof that Vives would have “betrayed” ShakiraInstagram/Piqué

WITH EVERYTHING! Shakira recognizes her spite and sends Piqué to tell her: “Seeing you with the other one hurt me”

After the “betrayal” was exposed, the members of Team Shakira did not wait and were very harsh with Vives, saying, “Carlos Vives, who is supposed to be close to Shakira, liked the photo of Piqué and his girlfriend. Not even Judas dared to do so much”, “Carlos Vives liked Piqué’s photo with Clara Chía on Instagram. Never seen so much betrayal in this country”, were some of the reactions in the networks, although it should be noted that perhaps the singer is not in charge of managing his accounts, because he could have someone in charge of this work.

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Bessie Schrimsher
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