Norway to Purchase 54 German-Made Leopard2 Tanks

Norway to Purchase 54 German-Made Leopard2 Tanks

Norway to purchase German-made Leopard2 tanks

Norway has agreed to purchase 54 Leopard2 tanks from Germany. The agreement will secure a total of 45 million Swiss francs for the Bundeswehr for the military vehicles.

The purchase is part of Norway’s larger defence upgrade program, which is aimed at boosting its defences in the face of increased military activity in the region. This purchase will see Norway become the fourth country to operate the Leopard2 A6, after Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

The Leopard2 is renowned for its cutting edge technology, which includes an integrated defensive system and advanced sighting laser. Its increased firing range and accuracy significantly bolster its defence capabilities, making it an essential addition to Norway’s arsenal.

The tanks are expected to arrive in Norway in late 2022, with the first batch of training and research vehicles expected to arrive in 2023, and the rest delivered in subsequent years. The unit cost of the tanks is approximately 833,000 Swiss francs, with the overall price being 45 million Swiss francs for the total number of units.

With the purchase of the Leopard2 tanks, Norway has the potential to increase its military might and further strengthen its defence capabilities.

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