North Korea Claims Triumph Over COVID-19 Pandemic

North Korea Commemorates Its Victory Over COVID-19 With Documentary Show

On January 24, 2023 North Korea celebrated a “great victory” over the Covid-19 pandemic with a documentary show broadcast on the KCTV television network. The documentary showed the containment policies the country applied during the health crisis and testimonies from survivors of the virus.

Amongst the measures included in the country’s “quarantine system” were the mandatory use of masks, closure of schools and businesses, and disinfection of premises or transport. North Korea also spread information via state media on sanitary protocols like the use of a double mask and frequent hand hygiene.

The footage of about an hour long included testimonials from individuals who recovered from Covid-19 such as a woman who thought she would “collapse and die” after having a fever of 39.8. In addition to interviews with survivors, the footage also showed Politburo meetings on crisis management and leader Kim Jong-un visiting the National Emergency Prevention Agency.

The victory over the pandemic was declared by Kim Jong-un in August of 2022 and the country went for two years and three months without detecting the presence of the new coronavirus in the country. It has been a topic of discussion again this month at a major parliamentary meeting where North Korean Prime Minister Kim Tok-hun called it the “worst shock” to the country since its inception.

The documentary in celebration of the victory serves as an example that North Korea’s policies against the pandemic can be successful.

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