Nodal opens up about his Argentinian life with Cazzu post-Mexico departure


Christian Nodal on settling in Argentina with Cazzu

Christian Nodal has recently opened up about his stable personal life with Cazzu, with whom he will have his first baby in the coming months. The interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ shared how it has turned out to settle currently in Argentina, his girlfriend’s homeland.

In an interview for ‘De primera mano’, Nodal provided some details about the place where he has settled and his daily life, stating that he currently lives in the countryside in Argentina where he can have his own house and barbecue. The Mexican singer stressed that not only he goes unnoticed but is also surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Living in Mexico vs. Argentina

In April of last year, the singer-songwriter of ‘Adiós amor’, who was then based in Los Angeles, confessed during a ‘live’ on Instagram the reason why he doesn’t like living in Mexico. He said, “You cannot have your beautiful car, your beautiful home, because the whole world is going to know where you live and what car you are driving.” In addition, he exemplified an incident where he lost his privacy after acquiring a Ferrari, which only existed in his country, as supposedly, many people recognized him.

Will Nodal marry Cazzu?

Although the romance with Cazzu is going well, and even Nodal will fulfill his dream of becoming a father at 24 with her, they have no plans to marry as of yet. According to Nodal, “if at some point there is a wedding or whatever, it will be because we are happy.”

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Preparing for fatherhood

What Nodal is sure of is that he wants to be ready so that when his firstborn is born, he can count on his full support, saying that he feels many nerves, anxiety, and emotion. According to Andrea Escalona, ​​host of Hoy, Cazzu would be approximately six months pregnant, so she could give birth between August and September.


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